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K-drama Addiction Therapy is a podcast all about Korean drama.
We’re available, for free, via iTunes and this website.

This contest ended on the 2nd of December 2015. Sorry guys!
But we may do more of these in the future.
Until then… enjoy the podcast!

We decided to create a contest in order to promote the show and find new listeners.
Which means giving away some of the K-drama merchandise that I (Sofia) have collected on my travels to Korea and around Asia. (This hurts, guys! I’m giving away my precious K-drama stuff. My babies!
But I’m willing to do it for a good cause.)

Kdrama merchandise Competition Q & A

Question: What can we win?
Answer: Depending on your contribution you can win either a big- or a small package of K-drama stuff.

Q: Which actors? What stuff? Details please!
A: All the juicy juicy details are right here.

Q: Daebak!! What do I need to do to win?
A: Promote our podcast.

Q: Okaaay… How?
A: Via your K-drama blog, instagram, tumblr or twitter. *

* See the bottom of the details page for more info.

Q: Sweet! Who can enter?
A: Anyone who fulfills the requirements. *
Any age.
Any country.
We will ship the prizes to you for free.

* See the bottom of the details page for more info.

Q: Sooo… You’re basically bribing us to get new listeners?
A: You caught that huh? Yes. We’re shameless. But we’re doing it so that more K-drama fans out there can feel less alone in their K-drama obsession, by listening to the podcast. We get points for that, right?

Q: I think I can do this. How hard is it to win?
A: Very easy. We are not expecting a flood of contributions.

Q: If I win – how and when will I get my stuff?
A: We will contact the winners as soon as the contest is closed and get your address details so that we can send it to you a.s.a.p.


Ok. That’s it!

You never know with these things… This contest may fall on deaf ears.
Or it might go viral within the K-drama community. We can’t do anything but hope for the best.
And hope that…
1. the Kdrama merchandise goes to people who will love and appreciate it… and that
2. we reach some people who would love to listen to a podcast all about K-drama and simply didn’t know we were out there.

Good luck everyone. Fighting!
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