F.A.Q. (First Aid)

By Saturday, January 3, 2015 0 1

When does the next episode come out?
2 weeks from the last one. We release new episodes every other week.

I posted a comment but I can’t see it yet. What’s up with that?
First time you post; your comment needs to be approved before it becomes visible.

We just want to make sure you’re an actual human being and not a spam-robot. That’s all.

How can you tell?
We have our ways…

So, once I have been approved – I can write and my comments will show up right away?

What’s with the funny accents? You guys foreigners or something?
On the interwebs… aren’t we all foreigners? Nobody’s born here as far as we know.
(We also happen to be Swedish.)

So you’re not native speakers of Korean either then?
That should be fairly obvious.
We try to learn. Like to learn. But it’s… you know… hard and stuff.

My [insert random judgemental person here] says I watch too much K-drama.
Is it okay for me to tell them to piss off?

Oh yes! We highly recommend it.
In fact, we encourage you to add hissing sounds and hand gestures.

I’m worried that I’m addicted to watching shower scenes on repeat. What should I do?
Keep it up!

No really. Should I be worried?
Not unless you hug the TV and drool on it. Electric shocks can sting something awful.

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