Episode 50 – My Only Love Song, The Bride of the Water God & Queen for 7 Days

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e have reached episode 50! And the time has come for us to bid you all a fond annyeong.

After 2,5 years of doing this podcast – it’s become increasingly difficult to fit this project into our lives. We have to move on. In order to spend our time and energy on other things.

But before we go… let’s  have some fun!
We put together a top 10 list. 5 of our very favorite K-drama characters ever, each.
And then we’ll finish it off by talking about some of the latest drama we’ve watched.

Listen to the podcast here:

The drama we discuss in this episode

Thank you for listening!

Our deepest thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years!
Your words of encouragement kept us going for as long as we did.

Keep in touch

We won’t fall off of the face of the Earth, eventhough this podcast has come to an end.
Here’s some side-projects that may interest you.

  • Sofia’s instagram (kdramapodcast)
    Not as active as it once was… but if nothing else you can follow my trip to Korea and Japan, next week (July 19th-August 4th) through the “stories” section.
  • Frances Korean webtoon: Boys will be boys 
    Soohyun has been living her life disguised as a boy to hide her identity. When she gets into a heap of trouble with the law, and runs into a childhood friend, she needs to protect her secrets and stay safe. At the same time she is also falling hard for a police investigator who shows a strange interest in her. Slowburn romance with all the trashy tropes.
    This is a novel disguised as a Webtoon.
    Updates every second Tuesday.
    (Sofia’s note: This webtoon has recieved thousands of views already, eventhough it’s quite new!
    I, for one, can’t wait to see how this develops!)


We wish you all the best. Stay healthy, keep watching K-drama and as always… Fighting!


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  • Carole
    July 10, 2017

    Oh no. I have really enjoyed your podcast. I hope you can do an occasional special podcast.

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