Episode 47 – Tunnel, The Liar and His Lover & Three Color Fantasy

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e’re more than a little loopy in this episode, as you’re about to hear…

We discuss “Tunnel”… A dark crime drama about a serial killer… And can’t help but slip into hysterial fits of laughter.

We try our darndest NOT to talk about “Queen of the Ring”… and fail.  And “The Liar and his Lover”? Well, that’s so silly we didn’t even try to not laugh.

All in all; we had fun recording this episode. We hope you will laugh with us and feel it as you listen in.


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The asian dramas we discuss in this episode

We Also Mention

Bonus: Sofia’s Top 10 Steamy Hot Tips

In no particular order… If you want hot kisses, skinship and bedroom scenes. Try these!

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