Episode 42 – Hwarang, Stay With Me, Dong Yi, Behind Your Smile, General and I

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ou asked for it, and here it is! Another K-drama lunch episode.

We talk about all the dramas we’ve been watching lately. And share our thoughts on them. In the middle of a busy restaurant. This is uncut and so raw that you can almost smell the food.

We go through 5 new dramas and follow up on 3 more. Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea, at lenth. (And Weightlifting fairy, ever so briefly.)

Side note: This also happens to be episode 42. You know… the answer to life, the universe and everything. So you have to join us!

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  • Marcela Paz
    January 12, 2017

    Ok, I will give Hwarang an other go. I saw the first episode and I didn’t liked it. I was expecting something fun and silly, but I thoght is was actually to dramatic.
    And I’ve been seen more and more clips of the show on instagram, wich is a good sign.
    Thank you for the podcast!

    • Sofia
      January 13, 2017

      As you heard; I nearly gave up on it myself. Give it an episode or two more and see what you think. Fighting!

  • kittyflumpin
    January 27, 2017

    Though I hardly watch K-dramas anymore (more into J-dramas) I gave Hwarang a shot based on your comments and I’m loving it! (I managed to *almost* catch up within a week and a half, i.e. I gave it pretty high priority in my drama-viewing schedule.) It’s genuinely funny, not just the fanservice-y moments with the handsome guys but even side characters and such. And I like the heroine’s personality too and that’s a *big* plus in my book (if I can’t relate to the female lead then there’s no point in watching, imo). I’m really loving it so far. I’m almost to the halfway point, where they bring in *dun-dun-dun* The Princess for the obligatory Love Rectangle, so this is where it could get really melodramatic and start dragging. I really hope it doesn’t though b/c it’s been so fun up to this point. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and for the hours of entertainment I’ve had so far, whatever plot developments may come.

  • songielove
    March 30, 2017

    Thanks for your podcast. ^^ I agree that “Behind Your Smile” wouldn’t be the best to recommend for a first-timer in Taiwanese dramas, but I also think that lesser credit was given for its quality in writing and storytelling. The darker genre isn’t common in Taiwanese dramas, so to see the seriousness consistently maintained throughout with the light elements that Taiwan drama audiences are familiar with– I think that’s great writing and directing. One thing I really appreciated about it, among many others, is the slower pace and subtlety in romance. I thought it was appropriate in their circumstances and in line with their characteristics. There is always this tragic undertone or back story that weighs heavy on our couple and every character that enters the scene, and that’s what makes the story deeply emotional. The many metaphors and poignant lines have depth and double meanings worth dissecting. It was as amazing to live-watch and break down the scenes and dialogues as it was painful! I understand this podcast was recorded while the drama was airing midway, but there are lots of merit in its writing and directing. I must give it to the casting director and Marcus/Eugenie too, they embodied the characters and their chemistry was high and natural on- and off-screen. As refreshing as the drama was, it also brought about different audiences, a lot including those who returned to Taiwanese dramas after a long time. It may not be recommendable for new audiences, but only because its weight isn’t representative of Taiwanese dramas– I think it’s one of the very best coming from Taiwan (well, the best in general, for me haha). It’s darker genre is rare, and I think that’s why Taiwanese dramas with these heavier elements are refreshing and usually well told in story (as far as I can see from 15+ years in Taiwan dramaland XD). Sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much. I appreciate it, still, that you gave it time. 🙂

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