Episode 41 – Drama of the year 2016

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t’s time for our third annual “Drama of the Year” episode!

We are bursting with excitement to share the very best of 2016 with you!
This episode is 2 hours of the very best that 2016 had to offer. And what a year we had!

Like previous years – we pick winners in categories that we hope are a little bit more personal and fun – than all the other end-of-the-year lists out there. Enjoy!

Korean drama podcast:

Our drama of the year 2016

  1. Drama that made us grin like idiots
    Sofia’s pick: Ryo Joon Yeol in Lucky Romance
    Frances pick: Sweet Stranger and Me a.k.a. The Man Living in Our House
    Honorable mentions: Goblin, Moonlight Lovers, Let’s Fight Ghost, Cinderella and Four Knights, Shopping King Louis
  2. Drama that made us go through boxes of tissues (or made us depressed)
    Frances pick: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    Sofia’s pick: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    Honorable mentions: Just… everything!
  3. Most rewinded kiss scene
    Sofia’s pick: The locker room-kiss, in Jealousy Incarnate
    Frances pick: Against the wall-kiss, in Another Miss Oh
    Honorable mentions: All the other kisses in Jealousy Incarnate, making out on the couch in Another miss Oh, the first kiss in Moonlight, Marriage Contract-kisses, the prison kiss in W… we also mention the webdrama “7 first kisses”
  4. Most rewinded scene (that’s not a kiss scene)
    Frances pick: Baek In Ha’s reaction to getting a nudie picture, in Cheese in the Trap
    Sofia’s pick: Jin Go, running in slow-motion, in order to save Joong Ki, in Descendants of the sun
    Honorable mentions: The almost kiss between the guys in Another Miss Oh, “I said I love yoouuuu!”-drunk scene in Cinderella, the morning shirtless jog in Descendants, the episode 4 shower-fighting-scene in K2, anything bromance-related in Goblin
  5. Biggest jaw-dropping surprise of the year
    Sofia’s pick: The cartoonist seeing the sportscar being erased, in W
    Frances pick: Daddy no-face, in W
    Honorable mentions: The car-splitting scene in Goblin, the way that Yoo Jung acted in Cheese in the Trap
  6. Biggest wah-wah-waaah dissapointment of the year
    Frances pick: The K2
    Sofia’s pick: Goodbye Mister Black
    (Dis)Honorable mentions: One more happy ending, Legend of the blue sea, Woman with a suitcase, The Royal Gambler, Uncontrollably fond
  7. Best side character that nearly stole the show (or actually did)
    Sofia’s pick: The drunk sister in Another Miss Oh
    Frances pick: The Baek-siblings in Cheese in the Trap
    Honorable mentions: Too many to mention. <3
  8. Listener suggested category: Best shower scene/fan service-moment
    Frances pick: The shower fight-scene in The K2
    Sofia’s pick: Kissing Kang Cheol for the shock-value, in W – Two worlds
  9. Listener suggested category: Best Korean fashion-moment
    Sofia’s pick: The suits that Lee Soo Hyuk’s character wore in Sweet Stranger and Me
    Frances pick: The red dress Gong Hyo Jin wore in Thailand, in Jealusy Incarnate
    Honorable mentions: Walking in, in slow-motion in Cinderella, the shorts-suit in Lucky Romance, the “Amish-hat” in Goblin AND Entourage
  10. Couple we shipped the hardest (that didn’t work out)
    Frances pick: Baek In Ho and Hong Seol in Cheese in the Trap
    Sofia’s pick: The goblin and the grim reaper, in Goblin
    Honorable mentions: Eric’s friend in Another Miss Oh, the childhood friend in Doctors
  11. Couple we shipped the hardest (that became the OTP)
    Sofia’s pick: Ra On and the prince, in Moonlight Drawn by Blouds
    Frances pick: Sweet stranger and me
    Honorable mentions: Weight Lifting Fairy
  12. Up and coming actor to look for in 2016
    Frances pick: Lee Tae Sun
    Sofia’s pick: Lee Tae Hwan
  13. Best drama we didn’t watch
    Sofia’s pick: Signal
    Frances pick: Signal

And that brings is to….

  • Best drama of the year according to our hearts
    Frances pick: Sweet Stranger and Me
    Sofia’s pick: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
    Honorable mentions: Weightlifting fairy, Goblin, When a snail loves, Singing all the way, Princess Wei Young
  • Best drama of the year according to our brains
    Sofia’s pick: W – Two Worlds
    Frances pick: Jealousy Incarnate
    Honorable mentions: When a snail loves, Princess Wei Young

Bonus! Drama to look out for in 2017:

  • Missing nine
  • While you were sleeping
  • Introverted boss
  • Tomorrow with you

Please note:
There is a wooshing sound that comes and goes in this recording. That was my computer’s fan acting up and blowing hot air straigt at the microphone. Gah! It’s noticable but not too distracting. I hope.

Until the next time… keep in touch!

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  • opheliablack
    December 27, 2016

    I heard a lot about Signal as well, but I couldn’t do it. Cop dramas (not the sci-fi element) are the US’ bread and butter. And found this too slow and to emotional for what I have become accustomed to in my cop dramas. I like that there’s no romantic couple in it. But these cops are way to emotional for me. Thanks so much for all the other shows you brought to my attention.

  • Emil Novelo
    February 5, 2017

    Great review of 2016. Kudos!

    My “Top 5” Asian television series with great scripts, outstanding cinematography, and Herculean efforts by Asian actors demonstrating 21st Century tradecraft.

    1. Descendants of the Sun (Korean) related websites in China had 3 billion hits

    2. When a Snail Falls in Love (China) For someone who enjoys Sherlock with a female lead actor.

    3. IRIS (Korean) both male and female action characters. The lead female actors are 21st Century women – smart, strong, and feminine – just look at its landing page.

    4. The K2 (Koren) For those who enjoy watching “Mission Impossible” and would like the addition of a love story.

    5. Good Morning Call (Japan). This may be the perfect television series for teenagers trying to understand the transition to adulthood. (Kudos to Netflix Original)

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