Episode 4 – Fools, shocking twists, foodporn and drama slumps

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n today’s group therapy session, in addition to talking about what we’re watching, we have two other things on the agenda…

First: Understanding our addiction a bit better by talking about common Korean popculture related words. And at the end of the episode we’re going to talk about “drama slumps”. What they are, and how to get yourself out of one.

Understanding your addiction

So, to start, we spend a couple of minutes talking about the following K-drama/K-populture words:

  • Aegyo – The Korean way of acting overly cute (“kawaii” in Japanese)
  • Kkotminam – a.k.a. Flower Boy or Candy. Above average good looking young actor.
  • Chaebol – The oldest son and heir of a super wealthy family.
  • Hallyu – “The Korean wave”. A Korean actor/singer who is big outside of Korea.

What we’ve been watching

Next we discuss our current addictions. In this episode we talked about:

  • Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra (Starts 14min in)
    With Min Hyo Rin, Kwak Shi Yang, Jung Jin Young and Shim Hyung Tak
  • Hyde, Jekyl and Me  (Starts 16min in)
    With Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min and Sung Joon
    Spoilerwarning!! Skip ahead, past this part, unless you want to hear a major plot twist.
  • Fool’s love (Starts 19min in)
    With Choi Woo Shik and Uee
  • Kill Me, Heal Me (Starts 28min in)
    With Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon
  • Amour et Patisserie (Starts 39min in)
    With Jasper Liu
  • Healer (Starts 42min in)
    With Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young
  • Shine or Go Crazy (Starts 49min in)
    With Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo

Other dramas we mentioned:

How to get over your Drama Slump (Starts 53min in)

When nothing you’re watching is really doing it for you and nothing new seems interesting either…
That’s a drama slump.

So, how do you get out of the slump, and find yourself back to the dramas that you love?

We suggest: First – diagnose your problem.
Figure out if you’re tired of TV-watching in general or Asian drama in particular.

If you’re tired of TV-watching: Break your pattern

  • Go outside
  • See friends
  • Read books
  • Stop doing things for a while that involve you sitting down in the same way you do when you watch dramas/movies
  • Do things you normally wouldn’t do

If you’re tired of K-drama/Asian drama:

  • Watch other genres
  • Watch variety shows
  • Watch drama from another Asian country
  • Watch American or European stuff for a while
  • Only watch dramas that have finished (and you know are going to be good)
  • Read FanFiction
  • Watch FanVideos on YouTube

The next episode

With the last episode we heard that some people were having problems downloading. Are you also experiencing problems? Please let us know!

Don’t forget to comment right here on kdramapod.com if you have a question you want us to tackle in the next episode.

Our next episode should be out in 2 weeks from now. On March 11th. Take care until then!

  • Eveil
    April 12, 2015

    This is the first podcast that I listened to and it’ll definitely be the last. The two of you allegedly have spent years watching Korean dramas but have evidently picked up very little cultural understanding. I cringed while listening to you describe female users of aegyo as “bimbos” and finally decided that I’d wasted enough of my time listening when you started in on comparing Uee to a rat instead of talking about her skill or lack of it as an actress. The both of you are the worst kinds of drama viewers. Watching a drama only because you like the actors portraying them, mocking a culture that you have no interest in studying or respecting beyond the superficial, slut-shaming women for using aegyo on others – I could go on and on about your utter disrespect. The two of you disgust me and I hope that no self-respecting drama fans bother to listen to your podcast.

    • Sofia
      April 12, 2015

      Sorry to hear that our podcast was not to your liking.
      We have never claimed to be experts. If anything, we keep pointing out how new we are to all this. We keep learning with every new drama or variety show we watch.

      I have a problem with aegyo. This is true. So do some Koreans. (Like for example actress Kim So Eun, who refuses to do it.)
      It also doesn’t surprise me to hear that my comment about Uee didn’t go over well with someone. It wasn’t intended to sound quite as harsh as it did. But there we are. This is what a free podcast by ammatures means. Unfiltered opinions and fangirling.

      We all have our shallow moments and you happened to stumble upon one of ours. If you’d listened to more of our pod you would have discovered that we both have a genuine hunger to understand the culture better and help others to do the same thing.

      Thanks anyway for your comment. Although I suspect that you will never read this reply nor listen to the podcast again, any feedback is always a help to us. We will try to do better, whether those who criticise us keep listening or not.

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