Episode 39 – K-drama lunch

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-drama Addiction Therapy is back to its old format! Well, at least for this episode.

We talk about all the new dramas we’ve been watching lately and share our thoughts around those dramas.

The discussion turns to ongoing dramas like Legend of the Blue Sea and Sweet Stranger. As well as giving our final verdicts on Jealousy Incarnate, Shopping King Louis and much more.

K-drama podcast:

The K-dramas we discuss in this episode

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  • dbvdbn
    November 29, 2016

    Love the episode! I’m sooooo creepy too:-)))

  • Art from Sunnyvale CA
    December 1, 2016

    Hello Sofia, Gab, & Frances!

    I am new to your podcast and have listened mainly to your end of year episodes and the last few episodes. I appreciate your insights to the dramas that are ongoing. Because there are so many dramas, I like hearing of about potential dramas I might enjoy. I definitely think this lunchtime episode was great! I haven’t listened to any commentary episodes as I watch my dramas on an iPad with headphones and don’t want to bother trying to figure out how to play a podcast at the same time… so my personal preference is podcasts more like this lunchtime chat! Maybe you could add some food commentary too for fun!

    I appreciate you taking the time & effort to share your thoughts on dramas with us.


  • Lurintha99
    December 23, 2016

    I save your podcasts for long distance driving because they make the time fly. Don’t worry about fancy – fans like me just enjoy listening to your insights and opinions, and feeding our kdrama addictions! This kdrama lunch was fun.

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