Episode 3 – More disorders, musicals, period drama, Japanese remakes and spoilercast Valid Love edition

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e’re back! And this time around it seems like we’ve been joined by a listener/fellow drama addict or two.
Welcome! *waves enthusiastically* Pull up a chair and take a load off.
The next group therapy session is about to begin.

We start out talking about some of the K-drama and J-drama that we’re watching.
In this episode we talked about:

Thank you for your feedback! ♥

After recording Episode 2 we decided to launch this podcast. For realz. Actually go ahead and… you know… tell people about it. And the response we got was daeeeeebak! Wow! We were so surprised. Everyone who took the time to comment, in any way, was so positive and supportive.

So towards the end of the episode, 53 minutes in, we take some time to respond to a bunch of comments and feedback that we got. We were sooo happy to hear from all of you!

Btw, one of the comments we got was if it would be possible to ask a question for a future episode…
And YES! Of course. We encourage you to do that. Comment right here in the blog and leave your question. That way we won’t miss it. We’ll do our best to answer your question in the next episode.

Spoilercast – Valid Love edition

At the end of the episode (1 hour and 4 minutes in), after the outro-music, we have a new segment called “spoilercast”.

The thinking behind this is to discuss a drama that has finished airing… and spoil the CRAP out of it!
We save it for the very end – in order to not risk spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t finished it yet.
However, if you DO want to hear our thoughts around Valid Love, and how it ended; stay with us until the last 30 minutes of the podcast to hear that part.

The next episode

Our next episode should be out in 2 weeks from now. On February 25th. See you then!

  • kittyflumpin
    February 14, 2015

    Thanks for another fun podcast! To be honest, I’ve been rather burnt out on K-dramas for the last year or so and have returned to watching primarily my first love of J-dramas, but I still like to hear about what’s current (and I’m always on the lookout for the next noona romance).

    I am watching Hyde, Jekyll, and I because I’ve committed to it with my weekly drama-watching group (and my friend LOOOOVES Hyun Bin) and I’m not really loving it yet, at ep.06. Part of it is that I just have no affinity for the female lead– so far it seems all she has done is react to the male lead (both versions) and doesn’t have much of a personality beyond that. Unfortunately, if I can’t relate to a female lead in some way it’s usually fatal for my enjoyment of a romance drama (this is why I disliked most of the 6 eps. of Mischievous Kiss that I somehow managed to finish, and why I’ll never watch any other country’s take on that story either).

    On a brighter note though, your comments in ep.2 of your podcast alerted me to Heart to Heart (mainly by mentioning the male lead is Chun Jung Myung of What’s Up Fox?– my ears definitely perked up at that!) and while it’s not something I’ll be marathoning to catch up with, I’ve put the first 3 eps under my belt so far and I do plan to work an episode or 2 into my weekly viewing schedule. So thank you so much for that!

    I did listen to the Valid Love spoilercast section because I watched the first episode and didn’t like it at all, so I knew I would not be finishing it (to me the love story set up in the beginning was so rushed and random that I just didn’t buy it, and as such I knew I would not be emotionally invested). But now I really want to know what anime it was Sofia couldn’t recall! I don’t watch a lot of anime anymore but could it be the absolutely lovely Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa) movie [2013]? The anime ends rather ambiguously but the manga adaptation of the story has a brief omake comic at the end referring to a long-distance romance so I thought that was rather sweet, hopeful note to end on.

    Anyway, keep up the great work! I look forward to ep.4 in few weeks!

    Joni (kittyflumpin on My Drama List)
    Wisconsin, U.S.A.

    P.S. Your grasp of English is fantastic! As a native English speaker, to me you sound quite fluent. The edited “uhs” and “ums” you referenced are perfectly natural for anyone speaking extemporaneously.

    P.P.S. The download feature for this episode may be a little wonky; I’ve tried to download it 3 times now and twice it cuts off at 1:09:59 and once at 0:59:99 (and this after taking 20+ min. to download which doesn’t seem right either…) so I’m not sure what’s going on.

  • Sofia
    February 14, 2015

    Such an awesome comment! I hardly know where to begin to reply…

    First; sad to hear that you’re in a k-drama-slump. We all get them now and then. I hope you’ll find your way back.

    Looks like we have similar feelings about female leads. Personally, I can’t get into, for example; a romance drama if I don’t like the woman as well. She needs to be worthy of all that swooning that I love to see.
    That said, I did like Jang Ha Na in the beginning. Now that Hyun Bin’s two characters is taking up so much of the air time there doesn’t seem to be enough space left develop her character though. Which is a shame.

    Glad to hear you’ve started to watch Heart to Heart! It’s one of my favorites of the moment. And it’s one, incidentally, where the female lead grows on you. She did for me anyway. I thought she acted aegyo rather than someone with an actual phobia, in the beginning. She gets more believable and likable as the show progresses.

    OMG! I can’t believe you managed to figure out that it was “Garden of Words” that I was talking about after that very short ramble, with very few clues. 😀 It was such a beautiful movie, don’t you think? Such eye candy and lovely quiet tone. Loved it!

    Ack! I hope nobody else experienced the download problems you did. I had some problems uploading as well, with episode 3. But wrote it off as a temporary glitch. Do let us know if you have problems with the next episode as well.

    Thanks for your comment and words of encouragement Joni!! Hope you get a snow day or two, over there, before spring hits. To catch up on your drama watching. 🙂

  • Sayu
    February 16, 2015

    I really enjoyed listen to your Podcast. *-*
    I listen to all 3 Episodes while working today and i really had a great time listen to you guys. I picked up a lot of Drama recommendations and i’m definitily gonna check them out even if i don’t have much time to watch dramas these days.
    Anyways: Keep up the good work & fighting! <3

    • Sofia
      February 18, 2015

      That’s great to hear! Hope you enjoy the shows you’re planning on watching.
      Thank you and fighting!!

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