Episode 23 – Drama of the Year 2015

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t’s time for our second annual “Drama of the Year” episode!

I’m so excited for this, I can’t even begin to tell you… Exactly a year ago we kicked off with our first ever episode, which was a “DotY” for 2014. And here we are with our 2015 edition.

Like last year – we pick winners in categories that are a little bit more personal and nutty than the categories all the big drama sites go for. We hope you enjoy it.

Please note:
When we recorded this we had only been able to watch Reply 1988 up until episode 16. Now that the show has ended we know that we were wrong. Really wrong. About… something. You’ll hear that, throughout the episode.
We hope you’ll laugh with us, about this, and tune in for our Reply 1988 “spoilercast” which is coming up soon! (Because we need some extra therapy to cope with this.)

Without further ado; 13 categories and our overall favorite dramas of the year;

Our drama of the year 2015

  1. Drama that made us grin like idiots
    Sofia’s pick: Falling for Innocence
    Gab’s pick: Falling for Innocence
    Honorable mentions: Scholar who walks the night, Shine or go crazy, Twenty
    Bonus video to illustrate this category: Part 1 & Part 2
  2. Drama that made us go through boxes of tissues (or made us depressed)
    Gab’s pick: School 2015
    Sofia’s pick: My Love Eun Dong
    Honorable mentions: Heart to heart, Reply 1988, Healer
  3. Most rewinded kiss scene
    Sofia’s pick: Kiss in the snow in Healer
    Gab’s pick: Don’t let me go kiss in Healer
    Honorable mentions: Courthouse kiss in Mask, Hyun Bin owning it in Hyde, Jekyl & Me, feeverish kiss in Oh my ghost!, Bo Ra and Sun Woo’s kiss in Reply 1988, unexpected kisses in Valid Love
    Bonus video: Healer kiss scenes
  4. Most rewinded scene (that’s not a kiss scene)
    Gab’s pick: Il Ri using carpenter Kim’s hand in Valid Love
    Sofia’s pick: Chuuurrr! – Yoochun practicing his comedy skit in the police station in Sensory Couple
    Honorable mentions: Anything Kang Min Ho in Falling for innocence, Healer skinship and snuggles
  5. Biggest jaw-dropping surprise of the year
    Sofia’s pick: The point of view in Because it’s the first time
    Gab’s pick: The point of view in Because it’s the first time
    Honorable mentions: Pairings and reveals in Hyde, Jekyl & Me, Punch, Jung Kyung Ho being funny in Falling for innocence (Again… we hadn’t finished Reply yet when we recorded this. Wow. That would have been a strong contender too.)
  6. Biggest wah-wah-waaah dissapointment of the year
    Gab’s pick: Warm and cozy
    Sofia’s pick: The time we were not in love
    (Dis)Honorable mentions: The Producers, Bubblegum, Sassy Go Go, Orange Marmalade
  7. Best side character that nearly stole the show (or actually did)
    Sofia’s pick: Siwan as Reporter Kim in She was pretty
    Gab’s pick: Hee Soo, the sister, in Valid Love
    Honorable mentions: Taek and the entire cast of Reply 1988, hacker ahjumma in Healer, Kong Tae Gwang in School 2015, Tae Pung in Goo Hae Ra, the fabulous chief editor in She was pretty, Yoona in Kill me, heal me
    Bonus video: Funny Siwon scenes in She was pretty
  8. Character we hoped would get cancer and die
    Gab’s pick: The bully in School 2015
    Sofia’s pick: The mother in law from Reply 1988
    (Dis)Honorable mentions: K-pop industry in Goo Hae Ra, the evil moms in Sassy Go Go, Uhm Tae Woong in Valid Love, politics in D-Day
  9. Biggest WTF?!-moment of the year
    Sofia’s pick: The mid-season Orange Marmalade-rewrite
    Gab’s pick: Robin being the main lead in Hyde, Jekyl & Me
    (Dis)Honorable mentions: The Lover (Just… all of it), Let’s Eat 2 (A new romantic lead? Heol!), Hyde, Jekyl & Me (The villain reveal),  the big fish in the sky scene in Valid love
  10. Couple we shipped the hardest (that didn’t work out)
    Gab’s pick: Eun Bi and “blonde guy” in School 2015
    Sofia’s pick: The bromance in Sassy Go Go
    Honorable mentions: Taek in Reply 1988 (Yeah, we know. Now we know.), Carpenter Kim-couple in Valid Love
  11. Couple we shipped the hardest (that became the OTP)
    Sofia’s pick: Healer
    Gab’s pick: Healer
    Honorable mentions: Because it’s the first time, My love Eun Dong, (Bromance, Taiwanese drama)
  12. Up and coming actor to look for in 2016
    Gab’s pick: Cho Hye Jung 
    Sofia’s pick: Lee Yu Bi
    Honorable mentions: Ji Soo, Park Bo Gum, Yook Sung Jae, Jo Soo Hyang
  13. Best drama we didn’t watch
    Sofia’s pick: Six Flying Dragons
    Gab’s pick: Kill Me, Heal Me
    Honorable mentions: D-Day, School 2015, Punch, Angry Mom

And that brings is to….


The next episode

We are recording a spoilercast episode (an episode where we talk about a drama that has finished without worrying about spoilers) for Reply 1988 next. Scheduling conflicts may delay the release of this special episode… but we hope to get it out on Wednesday the 27th of January.

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Happy New Year and we hope you have a daaaeeebak drama watching year!

  • Kiie
    January 21, 2016

    Reply1988 was the best. I was so devastated that I couldn’t watch any good drama in 2015 (I like Kill Me Heal Me, but I was flashback overdosed) and towards the end of the year, I started to watch Reply1988 and was so happy to end my kdrama year 2015 and started 2016 with a blast. I don’t know why everyone is unhappy with the ending in Reply1988 (and even started a petition to change it. seriously?). Much like School 2015, fans are divided into two OTP teams. Nobody dies, no separation, everyone are still good friends in the end. Isn’t this the best ending ever? That is life, that is youth right at your face. Deal with it, there’s no remake or rewind of our lost youth. That is why the title, Answer Me/Reply, youth. Because there is too many ‘what ifs’ that you will wonder but never will find out. Such a beautiful drama

    • Sofia
      January 21, 2016

      I agree with you. The ending wasn’t as bad as all that. I was hoping for them to spend some more time on Jung Hwhan, so that we could know that he’d be okay. That was my main objection.
      The team behind Reply said that there wouldn’t be a focus on “who’s the husband” this year. That’s why I watched it with the mindset that the romance is secondary. As a result I wasn’t a die hard follower of either team. They’re both good candidates.
      I was so busy worrying about how Taek would handle it if he was rejected that I didn’t think about what would happen to Jung Hwan in the same situation. That’s why I really missed that part in the finale. And why a lot of people who shipped him HARD with Duk Sun were upset, I suspect.

      PS. Hope you’ll have better luck with new dramas during 2016. Fighting!

      • Kiie
        January 21, 2016

        Yes, my disappointment was that they did not do a proper closure for Jung Hwan. And it makes me worry that he might be alone forever. 🙁
        I don’t think Jung Hwan is rejected. He never pursue or confess his feelings. But what make this drama special is the friendship between them, he loves DS, and also Taekie too. And Taek too, that was why he hold back his feelings for very long too. He too, loves JH and DS. There is so much love here, how can anyone hate the ending? Team #junghwan shipper, maybe if they watch this drama when they are older, they can grasp the meaning of this story more.
        I had a drama slump after I finished Shine or Go Crazy, now that’s a disaster ending. Most depressing ending ever. No death whatsoever but it’s just bleak. I think you get what I mean. Seriously I had a terrible slump after that drama. Not even She Was Pretty could cheer me up. But Thank You Reply 1988! Thank you! Amen.
        I just discover your blog and will be following your podcast. And can’t wait for your next episode discussing Reply 1988. I definitely need therapy for that.

        • Sofia
          January 21, 2016

          Oh, I know what you mean with Shine or Go Crazy. I was soooo invested in that. And then… you know. Worst ending last year. 🙁
          It was that drama that made me realize that historical dramas based on real life characters usually don’t end well… if there’s romance involved.
          Once I got that… I could watch it with different eyes. It helped not getting my hopes up, I guess. 😀
          Anyway, I hope we’ll see more quality dramas like Reply 1988 in 2016. (Don’t know how they’ll top it… but we can dream, can’t we?)

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