Episode 2 – Personality disorders, infidelity and human cloning

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t’s episode 2! And by now we’re a well-oiled podcasting MACHINE!
(No, we’re not. But we try real hard. That counts for something, right?)

This is our first episode in the one-hour format that we plan to keep for future episodes. We do our best to bring you an hour of K-drama discussion, news and uninhibited fangirling.

In this episode we talked in depth about three of the dramas that we’ve both been watching lately:

  • Hyde, Jekyl and I
    (Hyun Bin‘s much anticipated comeback to the small screen. One of the several dramas of the moment that feature a personality disorders and… as it turns out… human cloning.)
  • Heart to heart (Starts 22min in)
    (Another personality disorder drama that have captured our attention and hearts)
  • Valid Love (Starts 44min in)
    (An infidelity drama with excellent actors all around)

We round things off by reporting the news that Park Yoochun and Ji Hyun Woo might return with a new dramas soon.
The woman who can see smells” (written and directed by the same team behind “Rooftop Prince“) is courting Yoochun.
Angry Mom” might pair up Ji Hyun Woo with Kim Hee Sun (known as the doctor in “Faith“).

The Hong Sisters are working on a new drama for MBC. And we now know that “Let’s Eat 2” will feature the return of Yoon Doo Joon in a new main role… but none of the other original cast members will join him.

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  • Tinkerbell
    February 9, 2017

    Har precis börjat mitt kdramapod-maraton. Älskar hur ni förvarnar för spoilers, jag vill ju se allt men inte veta allt! Tack för att ni förgyllt min planeringstid!

    Ses i framtida kommentarer, försöker lyssna ikapp! 😀

    • Sofia
      February 10, 2017

      Kul att du hittat oss och gillar podcasten.
      Den här bloggen är dock väldigt död, för det mesta.
      Om du har Instagram så har vi massor av aktiva lyssnare som vi interagerar med där varje dag.

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