Sofia a.k.a. pixelviking

Annyeong haseyo! I’m a drama fan from Stockholm, Sweden.

I’ve been watching Asian movies all my life and J-drama, sporadically, for 15 years.
It all stems from a life-long interest in south-east Asian culture and language.

However, it wasn’t until I started watching K-drama (in 2013) that I became a fully fledged drama addict. One of those “must-see-everything”, “stay-up-all-nigh-marathon-watching” raving lunatics.
And I say “lunatic” with affection of course. This is a good thing.

Becoming an addict has been an eye-opener for me in many ways…
I used to loathe romcom with every fiber of my being.
Now I love it.
Yes, K-drama romcoms can be just as facepalmingly stupid as western romance is. And yet Korean drama has somehow managed to do something to me that no other country’s media has:
Make me feel.
For that I love it. For that, I give up sleep willingly. Happily.

I combine quasi-intellectual analysis with unadulterated fangirl squealing. Because… why not?

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Hello I’m Gab and I’m a k-drama addict.
(In chorus: Hi Gab)

The Korean drama addiction started back in 2009 when everyone was talking about that new Korean drama fix Boys Before Flowers and being a fan of the Japanese version Hana Yori Dango I was a bit averse to the idea, but the hype made me look it up anyways. And yeah it was awesomely bad, but also strangely addicting. I started staying up late (read: all night) to catch the raws as soon as they were published and without subs, from there on out I was hooked. Constantly looking for my next fix and making k-dramas my life for a while.

And like every k-addict knows it starts with one taste and then everything else Korean just comes along, so just recently I was all about everything Korea from the music to the culture to the language. But now trying to quit, I’ve been clean for 10 days.
Wait there’s a new tvN drama..and with kkot-minams?
I’m just gonna have a quick peak.. ㅋㅋㅋ

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Yobo…… seyo!
I am Frances, the temp host that covers when necessary.

I might be junior when it comes to K-Drama, but I am senior when it comes to age. And, you all know age is what matters the most, right? Sofia is the one that introduced me to K-Drama and created the monster that I now have become. I am a sucker for trashy tropes and always come back for seconds and thirds.

My kinks are slow burn romance, build up, angst and the kiss. I can’t handle sad endings.

You can find my favourite kisses on my Tumblr blog 키스 ki-suh
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Intro Song

The K-drama Addiction Therapy podcast’s intro song is a stylized version of an announcement played at each stop in the Seoul subway system.
The intro is an excerpt from a longer song, created by Michael Aronson, and is used here with his permission.

Check out the full song here!

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